Blackjack Myths Busted

Newbies to online blackjack games come to casinos with a lot of ideas in their head about what the game is and how they think they’ll win at it – however, some research into basic strategy is the best way to get a good handle on the game starting off. What’s more, it’ll help dispel some of the myths you hear surrounding the game that are ingrained in our collective psyche – but could just end up throwing your strategy off. We’re here to help bust some of these myths and start you on the path to more successful blackjack!


You’re always aiming for 21

Blackjack is the name of the game and a lot of novice players will aim to get as close to 21 as possible with every hand. The truth is though that your score is irrelevant – it’s all about beating the dealer, no matter if that’s with a hand of 14 or 21. Ensure that always remains your goal!

Myth: Always assume the dealer’s got a 10 face down

The dealer’s ‘hole’ card is the one that’s dealt face down – and as one third of a deck of cards is a 10-value, a lot of beginners and pros alike always work on the assumption that the dealer has a ten in the hole. Their judgements then become affected by this assumption – when the facedown card is still more likely not to be a ten than it is to be one.

Myth: You’re due to win the next hand

Unless you’re playing a measured blackjack strategy, the game is still one of chance alone. While it’s nice to think that your charity work and helping old ladies cross the street is going to pay back its karma at the casino table, sadly, that’s not the case. Always know when to quit!